Our donation in honour of James Darvell


james_photoOur daughter, Sydney, is a Kindergarten student in Mrs. Wilkes’ class. We have lived in the Mountain View community for the last five years. Sydney is the older sister to her two brothers: Trevor, a recent addition to our family, is almost 5 months and we plan for him to attend McBride Annex; and James who was taken to Heaven when he was only 17 months old.  James had epilepsy and passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on April 3rd, 2011. It was a very difficult time for us, but the sense of community here in Mountain View and the support we got from our neighbours and friends was a big help to our family.

That sense of community has carried into our experiences at McBride Annex – it is a very special school made up of wonderful people. We had been thinking for some time about a formal way to remember James and we feel that the playground project is a fitting way to honour our son’s memory. James was a boisterous and adventurous little man.  He loved playing in the park with his sister and other friends, many of whom are also now students at McBride Annex or will be in the days to come.

With the support of our family and friends we are so pleased to donate the additional funds needed to have the playground built this Spring and extremely thankful to have it dedicated to James. We also wanted to thank Mr. Chamberlain and the PAC who have been so very understanding and supportive of our wishes.

~ Keith and Chantal Darvell

Our special thanks to those who have generously donated in honour of James ~
Keith & Chantal Darvell
Mike & Shanni Eckford
Hugh & Sara Nash
Mike & Sarah Chiu
Jer & Tara Laker
Mike Grossinger & Shelley La Claire
Carolyn Grossinger
Kim & Cory Pettersen
Clive & Donna Darvell
Mike Kilgallin & Caroline Day
Little Mountain Preschool
Jer & Bree White
Gaye & Strat Leggat
Ben Rappaport & Suzy Bando
Chris & Beth Donaldson
Donovan & Katherine Plomp
Aaron & Mary Mittler
Diane & Jeremy Hermanson
Jessica Burton
Claudia & William Petersmeyer
Colin & Susan Macrae
Aubin & Miles OBrien
Klara Kroupa & Craig Hewson
Jason & Michelle Kurtz
Kevin Wallace & Dina Matterson
Kibben Jackson & Danielle Murphey
The Rae Family
Patrick and Gail Cromie
Dave Downie and Angie Hirata
Megan Kleisinger
Shawn & Joelle Jamieson
Mark & Mimi Dear
Brock Davison
Mark Lavigne & Su Ning Strube
Diane Pettersen
Faye Leung & David Tu
Andrew & Kathy Buchanan
Treena Goolieff  & Chris Lee
Gord & Phyllis Earle
Ron Mardik & Dodie Kamenz
Fraser Beal
Lisa & Brad Klatt
Pauline Lloyd
Gladys Earle
Shelley Cathrea & Tucker Roy
Bruce Earle & Cathy Irwin
Michelle Lemay
Carmine Boskovich & Rob Cook
Troy Nagy
Shirene Salamatian and Jason Mercier
 Dr. Jeremy White
Carmine Boskovich & Robert Cook
Robert Fooks
David & Katrina Graham
Erin Seely
Linda Grossinger
Irene Gallaugher