Welcome back to school!

PAC Meeting

Come on our to our first PAC meeting next Wed, Sept 19th – 6-7:30pm in the Library! Its a great chance to meet the parents, administration, and get involved. We’d love to see you ūüôā

Spring Fair this Saturday!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.26.21 AM

Come join us for our biggest fundraiser of the year! Your donations and purchases from the fair go to support our extracurricular activities and supplement our teaching environment. We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to check out the Silent Auction goodies in advance, too!

Spring Fair Auction is almost here!

Hi McBride Annex Families,

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.52.23 PM.png
Please find attached the silent auction preview for this year’s spring fair. The silent auction is a major fundraising portion of the spring fair and we hope you can support this by bidding on items and sending this along to family, friends and neighbours. Everyone is welcome to come out and bid on items!
This year we’re opening up the silent auction early (starting today) to allow for pre-bidding in case anyone can’t make it on fair day. To pre-bid on any items, please email Caroline D. at the PAC committee via¬†mcbrideannexpac@gmail.com. Please note that we’re only accepting pre-bids at the full retail value or greater. Whoever’s bid is received first via email, at the highest value, will be added to the pre-bid sheet and notified. Whoever has the highest bid by the time the silent auction closes on¬†Sat, June 2nd at 2:15pm¬†will be awarded the item. Therefore pre-bidding won’t guarantee you will get it.

Thank you for your support with the spring fair and silent auction.

Clink the link for the 2018 Silent Auction Preview


2017 Ministry of Education Electronic Student Learning Survey Project

The Vancouver School District is participating in the 2017 Ministry of Education Electronic Student Learning Survey Project in cooperation with all other school districts throughout the Province.

Parents/Guardians can complete the Internet Electronic Surveys any time before midnight April 27th, 2018, providing immediate results to the school and the district.

Students in Grades 4, 7, 10 and 12 complete the survey. Parents/Guardians of Grade 4, 7, 10 and 12 Students are invited to complete the survey. All Staff associated with a School are invited to complete the survey.

To complete the survey:

  1. Go to any computer that has an up-to-date internet browser access at home, work, or school.
  2. Go to www.bced.gov.bc.ca/sat_survey/ access.htm 2. Select Direct Access ‚Äď no logon number required; select 39 Vancouver; select Sir Richard McBride Annex School and then complete the survey by clicking on the ‚Äúradio button‚ÄĚ for each question. Move to the next set of questions by clicking on NEXT in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. When you are finished the survey you will get a message ‚ÄúThank you for sharing your views‚ÄĚ.
  4. If you feel you made a mistake, repeat the procedure above. Once complete, your school will have the results immediately.

Thank you for your participation!

February Hot Lunch – Open for Ordering

The February Hot Lunch menu is live and open for ordering. Please place your order by January 25th (midnight). 
Please note that the hot lunch program is a fundraiser for the school. Money collected is used for school and classroom supplies, field trips and other items of need. We would appreciate parent feedback regarding this fundraiser. Please email the PAC Executive at this address or share your thoughts in person at the January PAC meeting. 
Click on the Munch a Lunch link: https://munchalunch.com/schools/McBrideAnnex/ then follow the instructions on how to register as a user.
Online ordering is now OPEN and will CLOSE January 25th at midnight.  
Immediate payment is required in order for the order to process with MunchaLunch.
We encourage parents to send water and fruits/vegetables for a complete healthier meal.
Please note if your child is ill or away on a hot lunch day, you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch but we cannot keep the food for them for the next day.   

PAC Meeting – Jan 17th

Dear McBride Annex Families,
A reminder that the January PAC Meeting will take place next Wednesday, January 17th, 6:00-7:30 pm, in the library. This will be the first Spring Fair planning meeting. The Spring Fair is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Money raised pays for school supplies, field trips, enrichment activities such as drama, dance and visual arts programs, and other opportunities. There are countless ways you can help Рboth big and small. Please join us and learn more about how we can make the 2018 Spring Fair our most successful yet.
Childcare will be available. And pizza too.
McBride Annex PAC Executive