Our School

McBride Annex was named after Sir Richard McBride, a premier of British Columbia. Staff and students take pride in McBride Annex. Parents and guardians are important members of our school whose support, involvement and contributions are valued.

It is a primary Annex to McBride Main School, serving students from kindergarten to Grade 3 in four classes. McBride Annex shares its facilities with a private preschool, Startsmart.

Students from McBride Annex attend McBride School or MacKenzie School for Grades Four to Seven according to school catchment boundaries.

Our Neighbourhood

McBride Annex adjoins Gray’s Park which is used extensively by the neighbourhood. The park has tennis courts, lawn bowling and a playground.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is that we will facilitate each child’s development to the maximum of his/her potential in the following areas: aesthetic and artistic development, emotional and social development, intellectual development, physical development and well being, and development of social responsibility.We believe every child is capable of learning and should be provided with the necessary tools to learn.

Code of Conduct

The McBride Annex Code of Connect can be viewed here.


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